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   New Designs Christmas 2021

Doll's Pram Bedding

Make a wish .... 
An exclusive collection of doll's pram quilts and accessories designed and created for any style of pram made to suit your child's pram and personality allowing them to show their individuality and create memories to last a lifetime..

to make an enquiry please email

Doll's Cribs

Designed with you in mind

When you're little everything seems so big and it's so nice to have something just like mum and dad but just your size... something you'll never forget .. and your memory won't just be a thought it will be a feeling.. a memory of how it felt to have something specially made just for you and your favourite Doll or Teddy Bear and all the hours you spent caring for them just as your parents cared for you...

New Designs

Little Miss Abundance 2021

I am so excited to present this year's new Little Miss Abundance range ... 

I just know your children will be too ! Every design is made considering your child's imaginative  play.. 

From Unicorns & Mermaids

to Teddies & Elephants,

Floating Balloons & Fairy Tale Castles these designs will delight your child and give them hours of endless fun 

Please remember...

Any set can be made with any design

in any colour to suit any pram !

They can also be personalised with a name of your choice..

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